Pixel Peeping

 Eric G. Rose Photography - Panasonic GX-1

Pixel Peeping is a Waste of Time!

Your always humble struggling artist/photographer/blogger has had an epiphany!  Indeed the cosmos aligned even without the help of Seth MacFarlane and his new Cosmos series.  What pray tell has ripped the blinders away from my clouded eyes?

Pixel peeping is a waste of time.  There it is, I said it.

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Get Down, Get Dirty

Eric G. Rose Photography - Black and White - Rodeo

Get Down, Get Dirty

I spent a couple of great weekends photographing some REALLY tough guys.  My goal was to capture the "feel" of their rodeo life.  Cowboys and the people who work with them are a quite lot but when they say or do something it's with a steely determination.  Check out some of the images I captured of these practitioners of this dying lifestyle.  These guys are far removed from the glitz of TV rodeo.

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